*Some repair jobs are subject to a $20 restring fee unless already listed in job description.

Free Inspections: Check action, check electronics, check humidity, inspect cracks, etc…

Deluxe Setup $120: Neck adjustment, action adjustment at nut and saddle, fret level, fret crown, fret polish, tighten hardware, general cleanup and polish, restring, intonate instrument.

Standard Setup $60: Neck adjustment, action adjustment at nut and saddle.

New Nut $60: Thickness nut, shape nut, slot nut, install nut, adjust action at nut.

New Saddle $60: Thickness saddle blank, shape saddle,  compensate saddle, polish, install, set final action.

Reglue Bridge $80: Remove bridge, clean old glue/debris off bridge, clean old glue/debris off of body, glue and clamp bridge.

Fabricate New Bridge $250: Remove old bridge, shape new bridge to match old bridge, cut saddle slot, polish bridge, oil bridge, glue bridge, make new saddle, adjust action

Tuner Replacement $40: Direct replacement.  Retro fit will be charged by hour.

Re-Fret $200: Remove old frets, clean fret slots, size new frets, press in new frets, trim frets to size, level frets, crown frets, polish frets.

Neck Re-Set $350: Remove neck, re-cut heal, re-cut body, fit dovetail, set action, reglue neck

Headstock Crack $80 and Up: Glue crack, seal crack, refinish

Cap Worn Bridge Plate $60: Fabricate and install wood veneer inside top under bridge to keep the ball ends from pulling through the top.

Install Soundhole Pickup $60 and Up: Ream out hole for endpin jack, fit endpin jack,  drill for undersaddle piezo piece, fit preamp, fit battery pack, fit microphone.

Replace Jack $30: Unsolder old jack, remove old jack, solder new jack, clean electronics.

Replace Pickup $30: Unsolder old pickup, remove old pickup, solder new pickup, properly dress wires, clean electronics, adjust pickup height.

Replace Pot $30: Unsolder old pot, remove old pot, solder new pot, clean electronics.

Rout New Pocket $80: Mount template, rout out pocket, clean up pocket.